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Toys are very important to keep your bird active and happy. Be sure to buy toys that are appropriate for your size of bird.  Don't buy small plastic toys for a large bird. They break and pieces of plastic could cut them and cause serious problems. Make sure weighted toys do not contain lead, lead is lethal to a bird. Buy closed link chains when possible on your toys. Birds get beaks, toes, or bands caught in open links, then a trip to the Vet will be required to have the toy removed. Libraries, bird fairs and pet stores are good sources of books which will give you good information for your specfic type of bird. Use the internet as well. There are several magazines with good bird information. If you have questions, please ask your Vet or your avian pet store.













MACAWS                               50-100 YEARS

COCKATOOS                         40-80 YEARS

AMAZONS                              50-70 YEARS

ECLECTUS                              40-50 YEARS

SENEGALS                              25-30 YEARS

CONURES                               25-40 YEARS

QUAKERS                                25-30 YEARS

PIONUS                                   15-30 YEARS

LORIKEETS                             15-20 YEARS

COCKATIELS                          15-30 YEARS

PARROTLETS                         15-20 YEARS

PARAKEETS                            15-18 YEARS

LOVEBIRDS                             15-20 YEARS

CANARIES                                10-15 YEARS

Buy as large a cage for your bird as you can afford. A bird should have enough room to flap his wings for exercise without hitting them on the bars or toys. But be sure the bar spacing is correct. You don't want him/her to stick his/her head through the bars and get it stuck. The place where you purchase your bird should be able to help you with the bar spacing. There will be several vendors this year at our annual bird fair. The bird fair will be held at the ABBA SHRINE CENTER in Mobile, Alabama on JULY 27-28, 2024. There will be cages at all prices and descriptions. You should find the one that suits your companion's needs.

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